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Unlock The Craft

We at 21 Locks want to revolutionize the craft brewing industry by going back to a simpler time, when beer was produced in small batches. When beer was made by people, not companies, and when beer was made in the home, not in a factory. We want to enable amateur brewers to become professional brewers as well as enable talented men and women to perfect their craft and bring the results of their labor to market. Our goal is to build a large and successful brewing business by truly unlocking the craft in our communities.

Looking back to move ahead

Our town is built on a canal that supplied the energy and power it needed to build this country. These canals were used to move coal from the Alleghany mines out to the shipping terminals where the fuel was put on boats and sent to all the Eastern Seaboard of America and ocean going ships. These canal systems were an integral part of the growth of the U.S. before the spread of the Locomotive. We chose to build our flagship location on a canal because we believe this culture of hard work is at the core of our brewing model, where our beer is dependent more on honest labor than on fancy equipment.

A glass of 21 Locks beer 
Two people sitting at a table holding glasses of beer

The Name

The 21 Locks name refers to the current 21 locks that are on the historic Delaware Canal that runs past our brewery. Locks are gates separating the sections in a canal and they must work in tandem for the system to function, much like our brewers must work in tandem.